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Perception as a Service

Pytheia's 3D tracking software lets you understand what your camera sees in real time

Make Any Camera Intelligent

  • Process video live in the cloud

  • Use your existing cameras

Locate and Classify 

  • Classify using our pretrained models
  • Everything works out-of-the-box, no training required

Track Objects in 3D

  • Identify position, orientation, and size  

  • Estimate speed

  • Track multiple objects over time

Get Insights

  • Take advantage of built in analytics utilities

  • Or build custom tools using our API

Vision for your Application

Choose from dozens of out-of-the box analysis tools or build your own application with the data.

DALL·E 2023-02-23 22.06.12 - an automated mobile robot driving in warehouse .png


  • Improve localization and pose tracking

  • Gain awareness beyond line-of-sight

  • Identify and localize people

Analyze Movement Trends

Pytheia's perception technology lets you extract a spatial view of your scene

 Spatial Intelligence

Pytheia provides spatial perception that gives you real world locations, distances, and speeds. This makes it easier to understand your data and:

  • combine multiple camera feeds

  • define areas of interest as they are in the real world

  • fuse with other information flows easily

3d visualization



Mark Mote, Ph.D.

Cofounder (CEO)

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Ben Mains


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Matt Abate, Ph.D.


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Sam Coogan, Ph.D.


Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Georgia Tech

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